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Name:  Ledric
Title: 1337 h4x0r
Real Name:  Chris
Speciality:  Computers, computers, and more computers, RPG's (turn-based) Japanese Culture. Anime, Hacking (Online/Computer + ROM), Phreaking.
Programming Languages known: HTML, x86,  GTE65SC816, Basic, C
Currently Playing: Tales of Phantasia (Nes)
Current Quote:

Brief Desription:
Possibly one of the most underestimated people I know. Some people think he is stupid, but those who know him well would know he is far from it. His brain holds more computer infomation than not to mention a whole japanese dictionary aswell. He has got raw talent for computers and can "Remotely Administrate"<HACK!> into almost anything he sets his mind too. His knowledge of RPG's is extensive although when it comes too Halo, it is a blessing that he lacks a certain amount of skill so that others can be good at other genres.

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