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(Frequently Asked Questions)

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This Site isn't very colorful?
That's because we need to conserve bandwidth, we aren't rich so we use a free web host, such as the brilliant Tripod.  

Hey! I have a Clan and want to play you!
Check the upcoming events, if you want a special match then feel free to email us, our emails can be found on the members page.  

I think <Insert Members name> looks like a retard!
Yep, so do we, but s/he is part of our team like everyone else! We're all retards!

So how long has EMT been around, then?
Dammit, that's a difficult one.... we've been around since about 2002, just we never had the member numbers or knowledge to warrant us making a website.

EMT is a kinda gay name... where'd it come from?
The answer to that is dissapointingly simple.... the three members who founded EMT were Empty, Muke and Trinity (now known as Ledric). Go figure.

You only have one female member, you sexist retards!
Go to hell.

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